Sailing Home: 3 Locations Around Your Home Ideal For Shade Sail Installation

Under the brutal heat and sunlight of the average Australian summer, shade is naturally at a premium, and ready sources of shade in your garden and other spaces around your home are vital if you wish to fully enjoy the outdoors. If you don't wish to create shade by building a fully-fledged verandah or gazebo, installing shade sails can be an excellent alternative; these enormous bolts of weather-resistant fabric provide excellent shade in almost any weather, and are much easier (and cheaper) to install than other shade-creating structures. Read More 

How to Get Fresh Chewing Gum Out Of Your Living Room Carpet

If you have kids, you have probably had to deal with chewing gum in various places, including your carpet. Unlike stains which can be cleaned using detergent, chewing gum clings to the carpet fibers and has to be removed before any form of cleaning can be done. Trying to pull out the gum can damage the carpet fibers and ruin its aesthetic appeal; therefore, you need to find a way to get rid of it while protecting your carpet. Read More 

4 Reasons Teak Tables Are a Great Fit for Upscale Restaurants

When you're picking out the furniture and furnishings for your restaurant, it can be easy to become obsessed with what kind of wall art you want or whether or not beige is better than tan. However, one of the most important decisions that you'll need to make is what kind of tables you are going to use; more specifically, you have to decide what kind of material will be best.   Read More 

Wood vs Wrought Iron Outdoor Tables: 3 Important Factors to Consider

If you're looking to buy an outdoor table, you've probably already realised just how many options are available. Within all those options, one key decision stands above the rest: What kind of material are you going to use? There are plenty of options, but people who want a tough, heavy and low-maintenance outdoor table will often find themselves comparing wrought iron against solid wood. There's really no right answer; each material comes with its own pros and cons. Read More 

Mowing Tips: How to Mow Your Lawn Within the Shortest Time Possible

Lawn mowing is a task that many homeowners don't look forward to, especially if they don't have a handyman for the job. Whether you like it or not, lawn mowing is a vital task if you want to maintain a healthy and appealing outdoor space. Getting the work done within the shortest time possible can turn this chore into an enjoyable and time-saving one. Here are some useful tips that can help you cut down the time you use in mowing your lawn and enjoy the chore while you're at it. Read More