Sailing Home: 3 Locations Around Your Home Ideal For Shade Sail Installation

Under the brutal heat and sunlight of the average Australian summer, shade is naturally at a premium, and ready sources of shade in your garden and other spaces around your home are vital if you wish to fully enjoy the outdoors. If you don't wish to create shade by building a fully-fledged verandah or gazebo, installing shade sails can be an excellent alternative; these enormous bolts of weather-resistant fabric provide excellent shade in almost any weather, and are much easier (and cheaper) to install than other shade-creating structures.

However, you can't simply build a shade sail anywhere and expect it to make an outdoor space a more comfortable place to be. If you wish to get the most out of installing a shade sail on your home, consider installing it in one of the following key locations where shade is most highly prized.

Over swimming pools

The swimming pool is the first port of call for many homeowners looking to escape the brutal summer heat, so why not make your pool an even cooler and more pleasant place to be by installing a shade sail over it? As well as lowering the temperature significantly, a shade sail over your pool will also help prevent cases of sunburn and sunstroke, particularly useful qualities if you aren't wearing waterproof sunscreen. A shade sail over your pool can even be useful during cooler autumn months, providing a handy canopy to prevent your pool and pool filters becoming clogged with falling autumn leaves.

Over driveways

If you wish to shelter your vehicles from both intense sunlight and inclement weather, but don't own a garage or have enough room in an existing garage, a shade sail can be a fantastic, low-cost alternative. By choosing a waterproof shade sail made of tough, weather-resistant polymers, a simple shade sail can provide all the protection and shade of a full-blown brick and mortar garage, allowing you to leave your prized vehicle on the driveway with confidence. A shade sail will also help prevent heat from building up in your vehicle during hot days, making entering your car during summer months a much less unpleasant experience.

Across entrances to your home

Installing a shade sail outside your home can also help make the inside of your home a more pleasant place to be. By installing a shade sail over your front door, back door verandah or even over your balcony you can significantly cool down the air that blows from these locations into your home. This helps to lower the ambient temperature in your home even during the hottest days, and can be particularly useful when it comes to lowering your air conditioning and climate control bills.