4 Reasons Teak Tables Are a Great Fit for Upscale Restaurants

When you're picking out the furniture and furnishings for your restaurant, it can be easy to become obsessed with what kind of wall art you want or whether or not beige is better than tan. However, one of the most important decisions that you'll need to make is what kind of tables you are going to use; more specifically, you have to decide what kind of material will be best.  

There are plenty of options from which to choose, but few come close to matching the benefits provided by teak. Here are just four reasons why teak tables make a great choice for a restaurant setting.

1. Teak Looks Fantastic

First and foremost, teak is a very attractive wood. Remember, your tables will be some of the most visible parts of your restaurant, so it truly pays to pick out the most visually-appealing material that you can find. With its exotic and rich golden hue, teak brings an upscale touch that is hard to match when you use metal or an artificial wood.

2. Teak Is Tough

In an ideal world, customers would always be as careful as possible and accidents would never occur. Unfortunately, the world of the restaurateur is seldom perfect. In reality, cutlery is going to slip and dishes are going to get dropped. Additionally, customers can easily bash against a table with their chairs. Dents and dings will be commonplace when you opt for many materials, but teak is one of the strongest hardwoods available. Boasting an extremely dense grain structure, it should put up with knocks and scratches with exceptional resiliency, and it's one of those rare woods that doesn't splinter.

3. Teak Is Moisture-Resistant

Aside from its tight grain structure and overall density, teak holds another fantastic advantage over other species of wood: it retains its natural oils after being felled. Those oils are what provides a tree with its ability to resist problems associated with moisture. Since most trees lose them when they are cut down, warping and rotting can occur. Unfortunately, spilt drinks and dropped food means that restaurant tables will meet more than their fair share of moisture. Luckily enough, teak's retention of natural oils means that it can deal with such accidents.

4. Teak Is Low-Maintenance

One further benefit presented by those natural oils is a reduced amount of maintenance. Like other types of timber, teak will still need to be treated once in a while. However, this will not need to happen as frequently thanks to its retention of oils that provide natural protection. This is convenient for restaurant owners since re-treating all those tables can take a lot of time.