Mowing Tips: How to Mow Your Lawn Within the Shortest Time Possible

Lawn mowing is a task that many homeowners don't look forward to, especially if they don't have a handyman for the job. Whether you like it or not, lawn mowing is a vital task if you want to maintain a healthy and appealing outdoor space. Getting the work done within the shortest time possible can turn this chore into an enjoyable and time-saving one. Here are some useful tips that can help you cut down the time you use in mowing your lawn and enjoy the chore while you're at it.

Assess the landscape

How well you know your outdoor space and the features therein will determine how fast you mow your lawn. Features such as flowerbeds, trees, walkways, and curbs can act as obstacles and prolong the amount of time you use for mowing. By assessing these features and their location, you can determine the best way to mow your lawn without consuming much time. Ideally, you should start with the area around the features before moving on to the main yard to avoid slowing down every time you encounter a tree, landscaping rock, or flowerbed.

Mow in row patterns

Mowing in row patterns is the fastest, easiest, and the most efficient method you can use for this task. However, you have to consider the direction you mow in as it can end up slowing you down. If your lawn is wide and short in length, your rows should run horizontally across it. This way, you cover most of the area in one row and mow faster than if you did it vertically. If the lawn is square-shaped, you can start from any side. Always make sure that you overlap the rows a little so that you don't end up missing some spots in the process.

Mow in a spiral pattern

If you can't get the hang of the row patterns, you can try the spiral pattern where you mow in a circular pattern. In this method, you should leave a row that's not mowed between two mowed ones. After reaching the center of the spiral, turn the mower and go back the way that you came, only this time you mow the rows that were left untouched. The technique is effective as it ensures that you end up at the corner where you started. This way, you don't finish in the middle of the lawn and end up crushing vegetation as you get the mower out of the lawn.

Besides choosing the most efficient technique, avoid mowing your lawn when it's wet or during the rainy season as this will prolong the time taken on the chore.