Benefits of Installing Shade Sails Over Your Patio

If you're looking for a roofing option for your patio, why not consider setting up shade sails? Here are several benefits.

Design Options

You can choose various colours and configurations for the sails and set them up any way you wish. Choose between square, triangle, and rectangle shapes. Plus, opt for hues like cream, navy, or bright green. You could use two shades, combining two different colours, such as brown and purple.

Shade sails will give your patio an attractive sculptured roof. You can create a twist in the sails by setting up the poles at varying heights, which is necessary to let rain flow away. For example, use a square sail with two opposing diagonal poles set high and the other two low. Alternatively, you could set a triangular sail with two high points and one low point to create a resort-style shape.

You can make the shades look traditional or creative to suit your patio. For example, install a beige or navy square sail for a classic look. You can easily harmonise the sails with the house. Repeat the wall or roof colour to blend them with the building.

Retain Open Air Feel

One of the best attributes of shade sails is that they maintain an open and airy feel on the patio while protecting it from the elements. You can use UV filter fabric or a waterproof option to block the rain. Many built-in flat patio roofs create a closed-in feeling and don't allow airflow. But a patio is an outdoor living area, and shade sails will enable you to enjoy being outside while safe from the elements.


While shade sails are part of the landscape, they also allow you to make changes without undergoing major construction work. For example, you could change the colour of the sails in the future to give the patio a different look. You could even move them to another spot in the yard. Being semi-permanent, they offer a perfect middle ground between something flimsy and temporary, on the one hand, and something that needs extensive rebuilding to be changed.


Shade sails are secure, so you can feel safe installing them in your backyard. A builder will set up the structure safely. They use strong steel or appropriately graded timber poles cemented into concrete footings in the ground. If the sails are attached to parts of the building, these components will need to be robust to hold the tension of the structure. Your contractors will set up the sails to avoid rain pooling on top, which can cause the material to degrade.

For more information on shade sails, contact a company near you.