Should You Choose Venetian or Roller Blinds for Your Home?

You may be deciding whether to install Venetian blinds or roller blinds in your home. Both of these coverings are attractive, so it can be hard to make a final decision. To help you, here are some comparisons.


Would you prefer a textured look over your windows or a smoother appearance? If you want to add texture, you might like Venetian blinds. Their repeating horizontal slats create visual interest and give a warmer feel than a flat surface. They contrast with a smooth wall.

On the other hand, you might prefer a sleek appearance, in which case, roller blinds could be the best option. Roller blinds cover the window with a flat piece of rectangular fabric for a minimal look. You could match the blind colour with the wall to give the impression of a continuous surface. For instance, install cream blinds against cream walls. Otherwise, you can fit contrasting blocks of colour, placing navy blinds against beige walls, for example.

Light Control

Another way to differentiate between Venetian and roller blinds is to consider how their respective structures affect light control. Do you prefer the dappled light Venetian blinds create, or would you prefer the softened light allowed by a sunscreen blind? With Venetian blinds, you adjust the light by angling the louvres. Incoming light will stream through the slats and create light patterns on the flooring and furnishings. You can redirect sunlight away from a computer screen by angling the slats to deflect the light onto the ceiling or floor, keeping it out of your eyes.

Roller blinds affect light differently and create a distinctive feel in a room. On dual systems, you'll have the option of pulling down a sun-filtering shade only. These allow even lighting into a room, though it will be muted and filtered by the screening fabric rather than dappled and patterned by slats.

Material Feel

Also, consider the aesthetics of the material these coverings are made of. Do you favour the harder effect of slats made from timber, aluminium, or PVC or the softer look of roller blinds that use fabric? Even though Venetian blinds give a textured effect, they use rigid louvres made of solid materials. Roller blinds provide a softer feel because they use textiles. Additionally, roller blinds offer a range of uniform and patterned fabrics, giving the blinds a delicate or floaty feel. Some botanical blinds create a romantic lacy effect, for instance. Fabric designs with organic curves tend to feel softer as they have a more natural rather than hard-edged feel.