4 Ways a Security Screen Door Can Protect Your Property

The safety of your home and the people living in it is critical. That's why it's important to invest in the right security equipment, even if where you live isn't so much prone to intrusion. 

Security cameras are a great investment. And if you add a security door to tighten things up, your safety level goes up high. In fact, here's why you should consider security doors in the first place.

1. Irremovable Hinges 

Ordinary doors are easy to compromise because their hinge pins are easy to remove. An intruder can easily break the pins using a screwdriver or special tools and damage property of unknown value. Security doors can make a difference because they're secure. In fact, an intruder would have to cut the barrel from the hinge to remove the hinge pin, which makes it even more difficult to remove the hinge.

2. Thicker and Stronger Frames

Wooden doors have weak, easy-to-break frames. Even ordinary doors that use thin aluminium or metal alloy frames are easy to cut and break apart. Although security doors are made of aluminium, steel and other types of metals, they are at least 6 inches thick and are therefore strong and hard to cut or break. 

3. No Windows 

Windows are usually the weakest points of entry for intruders. For example, it is easy for anyone to shatter the glass of a door and enter a house. The security door removes the need for a window and therefore eliminates this risk. If you do not prefer a windowless security screen door, you can use a glass break sensor on the window. This will alert you when a thief compromises the glass on the window. 

4. Heavy-Duty Locks 

Ordinary doors have light-duty locks that are easy to break with brute force or by way of picking. On the other hand, security doors use deadbolt locks and double-locking systems that are harder to compromise. The deadbolt slides into the frame of the door. You can also have an outside or inside keyed or coded lock into it.

To prevent picking, modern locks have a unique shape that makes it difficult for such an attempt to succeed. Modern locks also have locking apparatus that prevent key bumping. Besides, the key should do two things at once on these locks, making picking very hard. 

Security screen doors can also be finished and painted to your liking to beautify them. These doors are also durable, and this makes them cost-effective in the long term.