Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Flowers

Flowers are an excellent addition to a home. They add colour and liven a house more than most conventional interior décor strategies. More often than not, you come across tips for buying the best flowers from a florist. However, how many times have you heard about the mistakes to avoid when buying flowers? Unfortunately, there is little information out there in this regard, and most people end up making mistakes when buying flowers. This article highlights crucial mistakes to avoid when purchasing flowers.

Basing Your Purchase on Colour

One of the common mistakes that homeowners make when buying flowers is basing their purchase on colour. While there is nothing wrong with matching flowers to a room's décor, your purchase decision should not hinge solely on colour. The reason is that florists stock a wide variety of flowers, and if you walk in with a predetermined mind, you might be overwhelmed. Moreover, having a predetermined mind makes it difficult to listen to a florist's suggestions. Instead of focusing on specific flower colour, walk into a florist's store with an open mind. This way, a florist can help you to choose flowers that suit your interior décor.

Failure to Inspect Stem Cuts

When inspecting flowers, most buyers focus on the petals. Unfortunately, very little attention is paid to stem cuts although flowers draw nutrients via the stem. See, florists are supposed to use sharp cutters to avoid crushing a stem and interfering with a flower's ability to absorb nutrients. Therefore, if a florist uses a blunt cutter, the chances are high that they will crush the stem, thereby interfering with a flower's ability to draw nutrients. Besides, the cuts must be angled at 45-degrees to provide a larger surface area for flowers to absorb as many nutrients as possible. For this reason, inspect the quality of stem cuts before buying flowers.

Failure to Inspect Water

Fresh flowers need water at all times, or they will begin to wilt and die. This is why florists are supposed to replace the water regularly to prevent it from becoming smelly or gungy. Sadly, most people do not inspect the water when buying their flowers, and they end up with infected or slimy stems. Given that water is the primary source of nutrients for flowers, it is essential to inspect it for freshness. In addition to examining the water for dirty particles, ensure that you smell it. Avoid any flowers in a vase with smelly or dirty water.

For more information, contact a local florist.