Roller Blind Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Roller blinds are designed to offer privacy and transform an office or house into an elegant space. But, like other items in your house or commercial building, blinds need to be maintained regularly since they easily collect squashed insects and dust. The dirt changes their colour and makes your space appear unkempt and that's the last thing you want anyone to notice when they enter your commercial or residential property. Below are some maintenance tips you should remember once you buy your roller blinds — your supplier may also offer specific guidelines, so follow them too.

Dust the blinds

One of the best ways to ensure your blinds don't accumulate a lot of dirt is to dust them regularly with a damp cloth. Making it a daily clean-up routine would even be better if you stay in a dusty area. This way, you will ensure the dirt and dust does not accumulate and turn into stubborn stains. You may also use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust off of the blinds each day.

Wash the blinds

If dusting the blinds doesn't remove stubborn stains, you should consider washing them with warm water. Note that some blinds will need to be submerged in water, while others can just be rubbed with a soapy sponge. To make sure you don't do it wrongly and damage them, ask the supplier for specific guidelines on how to wash your blinds.

Lubricate any noisy parts

Have you been hearing some squeaky noises whenever you open or close your roller blinds? Well, such sounds can get irritating over time but can be eliminated when you lubricate the noisy parts. But, as you apply the lubricant, it's essential to ensure it doesn't spread on the fabric and cause staining. The lubricant should only be sprayed on spots that require treatment. Also, make sure you use the right lubricant — consider asking your supplier to recommend the right brand.

Don't dry your blinds in the sun

Although the sun offers adequate light and heat to help us in our daily lives, exposing yourself or other things to direct sunlight can cause more harm than good. Your roller blinds should not be dried in direct sunlight after washing since this will cause the colour to fade. The best option is to hang the blinds in the shade so the wind can dry them. This way, the blinds' colour will last longer and avert the untimely aging of the blinds. The drying process might take longer, but it will be safer. For more information, speak with a blinds supplier.