4 Reasons to Pick Aluminium Gutters Over Vinyl Gutters

Homeowners who need new gutters and are into DIY often end up choosing between aluminium gutters and vinyl gutters. Both materials are lightweight, making them easy to use without professional assistance, but aluminium will prove the superior option in almost every way. Here are just four reasons why aluminium gutters are a better choice than vinyl gutters.

1. Aluminium Offers More Colour Options

People often think that vinyl gutters will come in more colours than aluminium gutters, but this is not actually the case. It might be because aluminium is the most popular material, or it might be because vinyl is usually used only for its low cost, but there are very few colour options with vinyl and quite a lot with aluminium. In fact, aluminium gutters don't just come in various colours – you can also paint them to suit your property and blend in with different styles.

2. Aluminium Doesn't Fade

Even if you're happy with the appearance of your vinyl guttering, you might become less happy over time. Unfortunately, vinyl is likely to fade under UV light, and there's plenty of UV light outside. This fading isn't a problem when buildings aren't required to look good, but using vinyl for a residential building can make a home look dowdy and ill-cared for after a few years. In contrast, aluminium will not fade over time.

3. Aluminium Suits All Weathers

Aluminium is clearly a better choice for areas that enjoy plenty of sunshine, but it's also ideal if you want to install guttering on a home that sees more than its fair share of snow. Not only will aluminium not crack or strain when it encounters colder temperatures, its strength means that you can pick up reinforced lengths that will bear the weight of even very large snow drifts. The same cannot be said for vinyl guttering; it is likely to crack in severe cold, and it might break under the strain of heavy snow.

4. Aluminium is Strong

The strength of aluminium is great for more than just tackling snow. Even if you live in a more temperate part of the country, your gutters are likely to last longer when you go with aluminium. Unlike vinyl, it's less likely to break from accidental force, such as a thrown ball, and it won't crack or fracture when a ladder is placed against it. One of the biggest problems that workman face with vinyl gutters is that they aren't actually strong enough to support the weight of a ladder and a human without bending or breaking, which often makes maintenance work much harder to conduct.

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