5 Signs You Should Buy a Collapsible Freestanding Wardrobe Instead of a Wooden One

When most people are asked to picture a freestanding wardrobe, they think of the more traditional type: a large wardrobe made from wood. However, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits that come along with buying a collapsible wardrobe.

These are made from a flexible lightweight material, such as canvas or cotton, with thin metal or wood supports. Though easily compacted down, they will use lengths of the same material to create interior shelves and a central hanging pole; many will also come with additional wooden or metal parts that can simply be moved in and out at will, usually shoe racks.

Picking up a collapsible wardrobe might sound like an odd idea, but there are several advantages. Here are just five signs you should buy one.

1. You Like Things Open

Many collapsible wardrobes can be opened all the way up at the front by tying back the front doors. This exposes your clothes and other items from the front but protects them from dust falling from above. Many people, particularly those into more modern design styles, enjoy the more open feeling this creates. It also helps your clothes from getting too stuffy, and it makes choosing outfits far easier. Of course, you could always leave a wooden freestanding wardrobe open, but the exposed doors would take up too much space and make things look untidy.

2. You Don't Have Much Space

The openness of collapsible wardrobes means that they make a room look larger than a wooden freestanding wardrobe would; after all, open wardrobes don't cut off sight-lines. If you're in a very small bedroom, you'll also enjoy the lack of bulk that comes with a collapsible wardrobe. They offer the same amount of interior space as a conventional wardrobe, but their walls aren't nearly as thick.

3. You Want an Interesting Design

Wooden freestanding wardrobes can be customized a little; you're free to choose different types of wood or different colours of paint. However, they mostly look quite uniform. Collapsible wardrobes are a different story; you can pick them up in a vast array of colours thanks to the fact that the walls will be made from fabric instead of wood, so they're perfect if you want to bring a more vibrant touch of colour to your bedroom.

4. You're in Rented Accommodation

If you're in rented accommodation, you'll probably be having to move on relatively soon, but you'll still need space for all your clothes. A collapsible wardrobe is the ideal solution; when you need to move homes, it just collapses down and transports easily.

5. You Don't Have a Large Budget

Finally, collapsible wardrobes are just more economical than conventional wooden wardrobes. The raw materials themselves are a lot cheaper, and they can shipped without much expense since they aren't very heavy. Combining all the benefits listed above with a low price is a pretty compelling reason to opt for a collapsible wardrobe.