Halloween And Flowers? Three Tips For Choosing A Frightfully Good Office Reception Display

One of the best parts of ordering a fresh flower design for your office each week is incorporating upcoming holidays into the theme. While Halloween traditionally was a North American holiday, there are indicators that it is becoming more popular in Australia each year. With Halloween just a few weeks away, it is time to request floral arrangements with a spooky theme for the rest of October. There are a number of different ways you can ask your florist to provide you with a boo-tiful display.

Dark Flowers

Black is the colour of a dark, spooky night, so ask for black or dark-hued flowers for the base colour of your floral design. Most black flowers are actually dark burgundy or purple, which makes the flower more fascinating to look at because it changes colour depending on how light is falling on it.

The black dahlia flower is wonderful in a display because of the way the petals resemble the layers of a pine cone. It is a deep-coloured flower and is said to mean betrayal which fits well with the spirit of the Halloween holiday. If a black dahlia is not available, ask your florist to choose another dark burgundy flower, such as the rose.

Spooky Branches

Many times during winter storms, children have been too scared to go to sleep at night because of the sound of fingers that are softly tapping on their bedroom window (which actually turned out to be tree branches.) Long, thin gnarled pieces of wood add spookiness galore when added to a floral display. Pieces of wood can also add height to the display, and this makes sure it does not become lost in the clutter of a reception desk. However, because customers move around the desk area, be sure to have your florist arrange the design so there's no chance of it taking someone's eye out.


Orange pumpkins are completely synonymous with Halloween, so ask your florist to include some tiny ones within the floral setting. Once pumpkins have been carved, the insides will rot within two weeks due to their exposure to air. In order for them to last the rest of the month, ask your florist to leave them whole when they are placed within the setting.

Choosing a Halloween based floral display for the office is fun and interesting. Your florist can no doubt give further ideas of flowers and foliage that will capture the interest of your customers when they come to visit your office this October.