What Is Under Tile Heating And What Benefits Does It Provide?

Under tile heating, as the name suggests, is a form of in floor heating that has been designed specifically for use in tiled floors. The heating system comprises extremely thin heating elements that are installed on top of the substrate of the floor but beneath the meshes that act as the tiles' adhesive. The heating system then provides radiant heating to the floor through the use of insulated conductors. The conductors are installed in a specific formation to ensure that there are no cold spots that will form on the floor due to insufficient heating.

What types of under tile heating are available?

There are two main forms of under tile heating that you could consider for your home. These include the following:

In slab heating: With these systems, the wires of the heating system are installed right into the concrete flooring of the home, as construction is underway. Once the wires are set, the tiles are then installed over the concrete slabs.

In screed heating: With this type of heating, the wires are installed above existing concrete slabs. The floor tiles are then installed above them. In screed heating systems are suited for homes that have already been built rather than those still in the process of construction.

What are the benefits of under tile heating?

There are a number of benefits associated with this type of heating. Some of these benefits include: •    Under tile heating, prove gradual heating: These heating systems will not suddenly make the room hot. Instead, the heat radiates gently from the flooring and gradually heats up the entire room. This is much more comfortable than having to deal with heating systems that can be quite aggressive, making you constantly change the thermostat settings.

Under tile heating is allergy friendly: These heating systems do not come with an assortment of components such as fans or other elements sued to spread the heat. AS such, they are a friendlier source of heating for people prone to allergies due to particles being agitated in the air they are breathing.

Under tile heating does not disrupt the structure of your home: These heating systems are exceptionally thin. As such, you can be assured that their installation will not cause any appreciable effect on your home's floor levels. Therefore, you would not have to be concerned about higher flooring that can be potentially problematic when it comes to other facets of your home such as skirtings, opening and closing of doors and more.