Glass Splashbacks | 3 Considerations To Choose Between Plain And Coloured Splashbacks For Your Kitchen

If you're in the market to introduce glass splashbacks to your kitchen, you have several decisions to make. Apart from the size and depth, you will need to establish the type of finish you desire, with choices ranging from plain and frosted to coloured and mirrored. If you've made the decision to choose between plain and coloured glass splashbacks, these considerations will help you cross the finish line to finalise one for your needs.

Consider The Existing Colour Scheme Of Your Kitchen

When deciding between plain and coloured kitchen glass splashbacks, it's important to consider the existing colour scheme. You can choose to integrate with the scheme with a colour, you can choose to go with a completely contrasting colour or you can choose a plain splashback based on your preferences. Some homeowners decide to go with plain glass splashbacks when they already have brightly coloured kitchens. Some homeowners like the idea of a blending colour when they have bright kitchens. Other homeowners decide to go with a completely contrasting colour like blues, reds, oranges or greens against their neutral or pastel kitchens for adding more character to the room. The decision to choose between plain and coloured splashbacks will depend substantially on the existing colour scheme of your kitchen and your personal taste, whether you're looking for plain, blending or contrasting colours.

Establish The Finish You Are Looking To Create

Whether you choose plain or coloured glass splashbacks, you will need to decide whether you want a matte or glossy finish. This is entirely dependent on your personal taste and preferences. For example, if you like the idea of subtlety and minimalism, then plain matte finishes are ideal for you. But if you are looking to infuse panache into your kitchen, then high gloss coloured finishes for glass splashbacks are stylish additions to your kitchen.

Think Of Your Maintenance Comfort

High gloss coloured finishes look glamourous, but they tend to reflect fingerprints and imperfections more easily. They add tremendous appeal and character to a kitchen. So, if you don't mind the extra cleaning, they are great choices for you. On the other hand, matte finished plain glass splashbacks are better options when you're looking for a low maintenance glass splashback because they don't reflect stains, fingerprints or flaws as easily. Establish your own maintenance comfort before you decide to choose between plain and coloured glass splashbacks.

Consider these vital factors when you're looking to make a final decision between plain and coloured glass splashbacks for your kitchen.