Why You Should Choose a Metal Carport over a Wood Carport

If you are thinking about adding a carport to your property, you may be torn between metal carports and other conventional constructions such as wood carports. Metal carports are usually made of steel and offer numerous benefits compared to the other materials. Here are some advantages of metal carports and why they are preferable to other types of carports.

They are durable and fire resistant

Carports that utilize steel sheeting and steel frames in their construction are more durable than conventionally built carports. Steel is one of the most durable, sturdy and appealing metals you can use in construction. With a steel frame, you do not have to worry about termite infestation and compromised structural strength as you would with wood. What's more, steel has high resistance to heat; therefore, you don't have to worry about your structure catching fire or crumbling in scorching weather.

They have low construction costs

When using steel, the cost of labor and resources is significantly reduced. Since steel is fabricated off-site to the desired specifications, most components fit together easily without the need for structural modification. Labor resources, construction time and material wastage is reduced as a result. In the case of wood, a lot of on-site modifications are involved, which could lead to wastage of materials while increasing the risk of human error during construction.

They are easy to maintain

Metal is low maintenance compared to wood. Metal can be constructed with a galvanized frame system, eliminating the need for regular painting and finishing. Unlike wood, metal is not prone to warping or breaking. Metal can last up to a decade before any touch-ups have to be done. With wood, regular finishing, cleaning and maintenance are required; otherwise, you will have to endure costly repairs or replacement of carport parts.

They are versatile

Metal carports can be constructed in various sizes to protect all sizes of vehicles. They can also be used to protect jet skis and snowmobiles, or even as boat slip covers. If you live in the country or on a ranch, you can use a metal carport to protect hay or large agricultural equipment from weather elements such as rainwater and direct sunlight.

They are portable

Most metal carports available on the market today are portable. With a little effort, they can be taken down and moved from one location to another within your home. If you are the person that likes moving things around once in a while, a metal carport would be ideal for you.

Carports are ideal structures that can be used in the place of garages while serving the same purposes. Metal carports are superior to wood carports in many ways, so consider a metal carport instead of a wood one.