6 Landscaping Plants for Adding Privacy to Your Yard

If you can't add a privacy fence to your outdoor living space, you can still add privacy with the right plants and hedges. Plants that grow very thick and dense can give you all the separation from neighbours that you need, while even providing a lovely fragrance for when you're enjoying that outdoor area. Note a few suggestions for plants that add privacy to a space, and look for these at your local nursery or home supply store.


Arborvitae are like a combination of hedges and trees; these plants grow quite tall but are also very thick and dense. Arborvitae is very hearty and it's resistant to the cold and grows in very poor soil. The plants can also be trimmed to be somewhat thin and narrow, so they're good for smaller spaces. Look for the mature growth height so you know you get a size that will fit your space without having anything too tall and large.


Bamboo stalks are very thin, but that thinness allows you to plant them very close together so that they resemble a privacy screen. Because the plant grows very quickly and some varieties are considered evasive, opt for a slow-growing variety or plant them in planters rather than in soil, so you have better control over the growth of the stalks.


Laurel grows into a very thick hedge that offers white blooms in the spring; it can also grow to be very tall, offering you all the privacy you need. Laurel does need lots of sun and well-drained soil, so be sure your property can support its growth before choosing laurel for your new privacy hedge.


Privet has a somewhat rustic or rural look to it, and it grows very quickly so it's good for those who need a privacy screen in a hurry. If not pruned regularly, it can become overgrown, but it offers a lovely blossom in the spring and summer that produces a very sweet fragrance.


Holly can grow into thick shrubs or tall trees, depending on the variety. The plant also blossoms with a very fragrant bloom every year, and the red blossoms that dot the plant and resemble berries offer great visual interest. Some varieties of holly also have very sharp, pointed leaves that can act as a safety barrier against potential intruders.


As the name implies, boxwood grows into a thick and dense hedge that response well to pruning. You can trim it into a square shape for a very manicured look that also provides protection against sound, as well as the privacy you need.

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