How Home Owners Can Save Money, Add Space To Socialise Outdoors And Store Their Cars At The Same Time

Many people have limited outdoor space, but still need to find room for their garden, outdoor sitting areas and car storage (not to mention tool sheds, pools, summer houses and driveways).

If you want to store your car without eating up valuable outdoor space, there are ways to do so that don't require sacrificing lawns, flowers and sitting areas. Here are some ideas to help you manage it.

Save Money By Avoiding Standard Garages

Let's assume you need to protect your car against the elements, so only adding extra driveway acreage isn't the answer. In that case, you'll probably call in architects and contractors to build a solid garage extension.

While garages offer great security and protection, sourcing the materials and expertise to build them comes with a significant extra cost. While the garage is being constructed, access to your home will also be compromised. Plus, if you have second thoughts, knocking it down and starting again isn't a realistic option.

There are plenty of practical and economic reasons to think outside the box when adding parking space to your home.

Avoid Solid Structures To Help Your Garden Thrive

Another problem associated with adding brick garages to your home is that they create extra shade and cut out natural light to your garden. This doesn't just affect sunbathing or reading the newspaper in a deckchair. It also harms plants that rely on a steady stream of sunlight.

By maximising the amount of light that gets through, you can grow climbing vines along your walls, maintain thriving herb and vegetable gardens close to your kitchen door and create dazzling floral designs that border the façade of your home. With brick garages obscuring the light, your garden may have a lot less potential.

Think About a Carport Instead

So what can you do if you need to add extra car parking space within easy reach of your door, but don't want to go to the expense and inconvenience of building a completely new extension?

Instead of using concrete or brick, gabled or skillion carports could be more practical options. These structures include a canopy that protects vehicles against rain or hail but generally don't have solid walls. This allows sunlight to get through, creating a more spacious feel to your garden.

Combine A Carport With A New Patio Design

Carports aren't just cheaper and more garden-friendly. They also have another handy advantage. They can be used as both a patio and a storage space for cars when the weather is rough.

Instead of adding a garage, you can add a multi-purpose outdoor space along the edge of your home. When needed, you can store your vehicle underneath the carport canopy, but, if you feel like entertaining guests and need some shade, your car can be easily parked elsewhere and the area can be used as a normal patio.

One thing is worth remembering if you take this approach, though. Don't just install a normal brick patio. You'll need a surface that can handle vehicles, not just garden furniture and plant pots.

Specialist patio builders can suggest the ideal materials to turn your garden into a space to relax, cultivate a garden and store your vehicle. So think beyond ordinary garages. A carport and patio combination could be a cost effective, practical alternative.