Winter Patios | 3 Smart Tips To Cosy Up Your Patio For Cold Winters

It's hard to say goodbye to summer when you enjoy spending time outdoors, especially if you have a fabulous summer patio that serves as a flawless entertainment haven. Despite the cold weather of winter, smart additions can turn patios into all-year-round sanctuaries.

Warming up patios is simpler than you think, so you can enjoy an immaculate outdoor lifestyle, regardless of what the temperature reads. Follow these ultra smart tips to cosy up in patios during winters:

Build a Rooftop

Before you do anything else, winter patios require a rooftop to protect against the cold weather. A roof over your patio helps to retain heat inside your patio space in the cold winter months. Polycarbonate and Colorbond roofs are durable all-weather roofing materials that protect your patio space and make it comfortable when the temperature drops.

Enclose your patio space with curtains from the roof to the floor to block the breeze when it gets too chilly. A covered patio gives the space a warm and inviting feel. 

Add a Small Fireplace

Nothing is better than sitting by your fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket. If budget is an issue, you can choose to install a pre-fabricated fireplace that meets your budgetary expectations. If you have money to spare, a beautifully customised fireplace will give your patio a plush feel. If you're really budget crunched, consider adding a fire bowl or fire pit for a fraction of the cost –– these options still provide you with the warmth of fire without the same expense as a built-in fireplace.

If none of these ideas meet your fancy, consider something less traditional –– a tabletop fire bowl is a unique feature that adds visual appeal to any space. This smart addition acts as an anchor that brings the aesthetics of your entire patio together.

Revamp your Lighting

During winters, the sun is bound to set earlier than it does during summer –– this means that you'll probably need more lighting than you require in the warmer months. Light also brings an added element of heat to make the patio seem more cosy. You can add a hanging chandelier for decorative appeal or you can add standing heat lamps that generate both light and heat. You'll also want to add ambient lighting to brighten your patio when you entertain guests for dinner. It's ideal to discuss your lighting choices with an electrician beforehand to plan your patio lighting intelligently.

Use these ideas to create warm and comfortable patios during cold winters.